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    Product Name    Product Description Product Code  TDS  MSDS
    Aquol Pigmented Sealer    Aquol Pigmented Sealer is a water reducible alkyd based penetrating sealer formulated to penetrate and harden old and weathered surfaces in readiness for painting. Its unique properties allow usage in both interior and exterior applications on most building substrates except glass. Aquol Pigmented Sealer will also lessen bleeding of water stains  

    Subflex 5000   Subflex 5000 is a flexible single package water based PU modified water proofing membrane. It is formulated to waterproof shower recesses, bathrooms, laundries, decks, balconies and light foot traffic roofs. Approved to AS/NZ 4858:2004 Class 111 Wet Area membrane.  

    Subflex 1000   Subflex 1000 is water based Hi-Build Acrylic finish coat for exterior surfaces. Its unique formulation imparts a high degree of water resistance and elastomeric properties making it an ideal final finish over cementitious substrates, concrete blocks and EIFS. The elastomeric properties of Subflex 1000 will help minimize water ingress resulting from small substrate surface cracking.  
    Premium Vinyl Silk    Premium Vinyl Silk is a premium quality low sheen finish designed for use on all interior surfaces including wet areas. Its unique formulation incorporates specialty additives that improve washability and water resistance. Premium Vinyl Silk is easy to apply and when fully dry has excellent coverage.  
    High Adhesion Primer    Everest High Adhesion Primer is a unique primer/sealer/undercoat based on a hybrid acrylic emulsion. This emulsion has outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including aged enamel paints and varnishes as well as most plastics. High Adhesion Primer has been formulated to impart excellent gloss retention on following finish coats.  
    Everest Roof Paint    Everest Roof Paint is a high performance finish coat based on specially modified acrylic emulsions. Although formulated as the final colour coat for the Everest Roof system it’s unique properties guarantee excellent performance on all properly prepared exterior surfaces. The special additives incorporated in Everest Roof Paint ensure maximum UV resistance, waterproofing and gloss retention.

    Everest Roof Base Coat    Everest Roof Base Coat is a Hi-Build modified acrylic formulated specifically for use as the bond coat for re-chipping Decromastic roof tiles.  
    Everest Deck Stain   Everest Premium Deck Stain is a water-based; oil modified polyurethane stain formulated for all types of timbers including exterior decking. The penetrating semi-transparent finish delivers excellent UV resistance combined with water repellence and anti-mold properties. Based on European technology,our Premium Deck Stain conforms to EU Directive 2004/42/EC Phase2 with less than 30gms/litre of VOC.  
    Everest Key Coat   Key Coat has been specially formulated for use as a sealer for concrete roof tiles and should be used in conjunction with Everest’s Roof Base Coat and Everest’s Finish Coat. Key Coat’s unique properties ensure even porosity over the whole surface and maximum adhesion for following finishing coats.  
    Everest Ultranamel   Ultranamel is a high performance water based finish coat offering enamel like properties. Formulated on the most up to date self cross-linking acrylics it offers all the advantages of enamel paints without their inherent drawbacks such as odour yellowing and speed of drying.